Colonsay Community Hall

Available for meetings, dances, family reunions and more!


Call Sheila Peever at (306)255-7745

Capacity & Features

  • 30′ X 58′ dance floor
  • 16′ X 60′ seating
  • 12′ X 60′ seating
  • 60’6″ X 29’6″ addition
  • Air conditioned
  • Kitchen – 29′ X 20′ – dishwasher, 3 door fridge, 2 electric stoves, 5 coffee urns, deep freeze, 5′ X 12′ island
  • 21′ X 15′ Stage with microphone, speakers, piano and organ
  • 21 Round Tables
  • 400 Chairs
  • 30 2′ X 8′ Tables
  • Bar and single door and 2-door fridge
  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms

Colonsay Community Catering

We thank everyone in the community for their efforts towards this organization. Our money raised goes directly to the Colonsay Swimming Pool, Colonsay Hall, and Colonsay Rink. This would not be made possible without the generosity of the members of our Community and Rural Municipality. If you have any questions, bookings, or would like to join the catering committee, please call Tracy Fitzsimmons at (306) 255-2751.


Hot Meals

Beef, ham, turkey & pork: $20.00 per plate

Ham added as a second meat: $25.00 per plate

Cabbage rolls and perogies may be added to menu and served by the catering if supplied and heated you at an extra charge of $.25 per plate.

Menu Options

Meat, vegetables, jellied salad, potatoes, dressing, gravy, green salad, pickles, buns, coffee, juice, tea, dessert. 



Soup, sandwiches, pickles, squares, and beverage: $15.00 per person

Doughnuts & beverage: $7.50 per person

Muffins & beverage: $7.50 per person

$1.00 extra per person for cheese



  • All catering must be completed before 1:00am
  • You may choose to provide food yourself or the catering committee can supply food

Family or group provides food: $300.00 for first two hours, $100/hr for every additional hour

  • Catering committee serves and cleans up only
  • Group supplies paper plates, cups, cutlery and serviettes

Catering committee supplies food: $15.00 per plate, $16.00 per plate with cheese

Choices available: cold cuts, buns, potato salad, coleslaw, pickles & coffee

  • catering provides paper plates, cups, cutlery, and serviettes
  • serving and clean-up included
  • 2 hour serving limit, catering to be completed by 1:00am

Please note:

  • Bookings are accepted up to one year in advance
  • Final number of guests to be served must be given 15 DAYS IN ADVANCE of banquet or supper. Catering charges for this number of guests, even if fewer are actually served. If more than this number are served, billing will be for the total number served.
  • Maximum number of guests for a banquet or supper to be served is 200 people
  • All leftovers belong to the catering committee (if catering supplied food)
  • You supply ingredients for punch if punch is requested
  • If both juice and punch are requested, you must supply one set of glasses
  • You set the tables up and set with table cloths, utensils, and napkins
  • Anything left out (ie: cups, coffee pots, etc) after catering’s initial clean up is your responsibility to clean
  • Anything other than the basic meal is negotiable