Open Burning and Disposal of Clean Wood Guidance

Ministry of Environment

Open Burning and Disposal of Clean Wood Guidance

General Open Burning Requirements

Open burning of clean waste wood can occur provided it is done in accordance with the following conditions:

Prior to burning, the clean pile is inspected to ensure that it only contains appropriate materials, as defined above, and a written record is documented showing such an inspection was made.

Only burn clean dry, well aerated wood. Wet or dirty material will smoulder and create offensive smoke.

Do not burn during Air Quality Advisories and/or Burn Restrictions.

Burn in open areas away from overhead wires and branches and at least 15m away from any structure.

Scrape away burnable materials on the ground several feet around piles. The result should be bare soil.

Burning shall be conducted during the day-time when meteorological conditions are favourable. See guidelines outlined down below.

Burning shall immediately cease and the fire suppressed if a fire has caused or is causing an air contaminant or adverse effect as defined by The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010.

The fire shall be supervised and controlled at all times, never leave fires unattended. Before vacating the site, the fire should be completely extinguished to ensure smouldering of material does not occur. A buried fire is not considered extinguished. Soaking the material with water is the best method. Ashes should be cold prior to leaving the site.

Fire suppression equipment shall be present at all times during any type of open-air burning.

The party responsible for the fire shall abide by The Wildfire Act, 2015, where applicable and any local by-laws, codes or regulations.

A burn notification number is required and can be obtained by contacting your local Wildfire Management Forest Protection Area Office during business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Notify the Controlled Burn Line at least 24 hours prior to burn at 1-866-404-4911 to provide information about the planned burn along with the burn notification number.

Failing to comply with the above conditions may result in a Warning of Non-Compliance being issued or other Enforcement Actions.