RAIL SAFETY WEEK is September 21-27, 2020


Engage your community on social media and encourage families to play the CP RailSense video game aimed at teaching young children about rail safety.

  • Review and promote rail safety using this new toolkit developed specifically for municipalities and in coming months will be updated with animated videos.
  • Ask your local police service to declare Rail Safety Week over social media and register for the virtual Operation Clear Track program, the single largest rail-safety law enforcement initiative in North America.
  • Engage with Operation Lifesaver’s #STOPTrackTragedies video campaign reminding Canadians “you can never go back” from taking risks around tracks and trains. The videos tell the personal stories of those affected by railway crossing and trespassing incidents, and will feature the voices of friends and family members impacted by rail incidents. Their reflections are important messages of what they would do differently, if given the chance.
  • Like or retweet Operation Lifesaver’s Look.Listen.Live decal installations occurring in dozens of communities across Canada and unveiled publicly on September 24.
  • Promote Operation Lifesaver’s “Get on Board with Rail Safety” animation contest on September 23 giving youth an opportunity to showcase their animation talents and learn about rail safety.

CP and the Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS) will once again educate the public during Rail Safety Week about how to be safe in and around railway property. CP and CPPS will conduct rail safety virtual campaigns in communities across our network, with participation from other police agencies and schools, to talk about the role motorists, pedestrians and the general public play and remind everyone that safety is a shared responsibility.

“Rail Safety Week is about bringing awareness that dangerous activity on the railway can affect you for the rest of your life. CP continues to focus on educating young and old alike, working towards building safer communities. Incidents can happen in a split-second and have tragic and far-reaching consequences. Conversations about safety could save someone you love from making a horrible mistake,” said Al Sauve, Chief of CP Police Service.

The strong commitment of municipalities like yours continues to have a significant impact on community awareness, helping to reduce avoidable accidents, injuries and damage caused by collisions between trains and vehicles or pedestrians. Together with other communities, railways and members of the public, your support this year will go a long way towards making Canada’s rail network even safer.