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Colonsay Community Cemetery Rules & Regulations


When needed, the plot is given. One adjacent plot can be held at the time the first one is taken. As of April 2023, the charge for a plot is $125.00 and any other burials in a plot would be a donation to the cemetery fund. For any new cremations in an existing plot (5 may be in one plot) a donation to the cemetery will be asked of the family. It is the family’s responsibility to contract the digging and closing of the graves.

This cemetery is maintained by donations to the Colonsay Cemetery Committee. 

It is the resolve of the committee that no further graves be allowed in the driveway or walkway in order for proper maintenance, proper access to other graves and to keep orderly development of the cemetery.

Any gravestone erected is to be placed on a sub-base at least 6 inches wider on all sides of the stone, and the top of this sub-base to be flush with ground level. Sub-base is to be 3 inch reinforced concrete or 1/4 inch metal. All flowers, lights, and memorabilia must be secured to the headstone or within the perimeter of the headstone/base. No planting of flowers, shrubs, or trees around the site. Any items not within this perimeter may be removed at the discretion of the cemetery committee and destroyed. 

Please contact a member of the cemetery committee for further information or before starting any project in this cemetery. 

Cemetery Committee Members

Blair Holland, Chairperson – (306) 255-2826

Laurie McCaig, Vice – (306) 255-2142

Barb Mulhall, St. Mary’s Rep – (306) 255-2010

Sheila Peever, Secretary Treasurer – (306) 255-2310 

Duncan McVicar, RM Rep – (306) 255-2799

Doug Koopman – (306) 255-2810

Donna Moen – (306) 255-2278

Aron Franson – (306) 255-7640

Dan McVicar – (306) 255-2847

Judy Kalinocha – (306) 255-2709